Haunted Tennessee Feature - Stones River National Battlefield

Every month we will be featuring a Haunted place in Tennessee.  This months Feature is Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN.

Tour Stop #2 

This is an area of a very bloody part of the battle.  Tour Stop #2 is known as The Slaughter Pen and due to the topography of this area the union troops were able to ward of multiple attacks.  Since there was no going around it. The Confederate Troops had to send wave after wave of solders through it towards the Union lines.  Finally the Confederate troops led a massive attack that forced the Union soldiers to retreat the the Confederates picked them off as they went through rocks leaving bodies piled up everywhere.

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Headless Horseman

The story of Lt. Col. Julius P. Garesche is a strange one that ends with beheading by canon ball fire near the railroad line just past the Cemetery.   There is a sign that marks where he fell. There are many reports of a ghost horse in this area.

Read more about it in the Article in the Murfreesboro Post.

Stones River National Battlefield

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