About Us

Tennessee Ghost Hunters (TGH) is a private paranormal research organization funded privately by its members. The sole purpose of the organization is scientific research into paranormal activity. The TGH team includes experienced individuals with many different skills coming from many different background. The commonality among us is the desire and passion for both furthering the field of paranormal study and providing a source of help for those who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. The group offers confidential investigations of such activity focusing specifically on active hauntings.

Our mission is not to prove ghost and hauntings exist, but to assist those coping with their unique paranormal experiences. We offer to ascertain the type of phenomena or spiritual presence found at their location, and then provide information and resources to create a livable situation.

The methodology we use in our investigation entails first determining whether a natural cause can be found for the experiences of the client. Once normal causes are ruled out, only paranormal ones remain. We conduct our investigations in a scientific manner - emphasizing site-based environmental data collection. We do not conduct "exorcisms" nor do we engage in the termination of paranormal activities. It is important that all persons requesting an investigation understand this. What we can do is provide you professional attention, provide you with documentation of any evidence we collect and assist you in a resolution.

For more detailed information on our investigations, check out our investigation process page .
Investigations make up only a small percentage of our organizational activities. Members conduct personal research into "Time After Life" using different methods of commonly accepted tools in the paranormal research field. We believe we have made great strides in this research and, to our satisfaction, have obtained confirmation of survival and existence after physical death.

One of our members provides a Reiki Energy clearing service. This only removes negative energy from the house and fills it with light, love and happiness.  After the clearing we provide education on how to become the authority in your house and how to clear your space of negative energy in the future.  You can request that service by filling out the Reiki Energy Clearing Request form. Please note that if the entity that may reside in your dwelling is not negative this will not remove the entity.  We will provide evidence and assistance as explained above to get further help.
For more information, feel free to contact us.