We have provided this list of documents for you to aid in determining and recording information concerning possible paranormal activity. Feel free to download and print these documents.

TGH Activity Log
You may use this simple log to track any unexplained activity you experience. Tracking these occurrences will help to determine if there is a pattern or if something initiates these disturbances. Also, documenting your paranormal activity demonstrates if the activity is increasing in quantity and/or severity.

Initial Questions
Here is a list of questions we use to determine if an investigation is warranted. It is not our only deciding factor, but it does provide a good starting.

Assessment of Phenomena
This form helps to determine your perception of activities you are experiencing. It is a simple list of words which you can circle if they apply to your situation or cross out if the opposite applies. Each of the witnesses should complete their own copy of this form.

Patterning the Disturbances
The questions on this form will help to narrow down the general patterning of the disturbances/experiences. It is just another step in generating an overview of the circumstances and situation you are currently living with.

The Phenomena
Completing this form gives us a good picture of what actually is "going on."