These are the most common questions we are asked prior to starting an investigation and by means of the contact page. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you charge for an investigation?

All investigations are free of any charge. Copies of photographs, video and audio collected as evidence are also provided free of charge. Should you care to make a donation to offset our costs, it is indeed appreciated, but, in no way expected.  If you would like to donate please use our PayPal Link, uncheck the goods and services box and add TGH Donation to the comments so we know what it is for.

What about owner / occupant privacy?

All locations and names are kept confidential unless express, written permission has been provided by the owner/occupant to display this information.

We do like to feature some investigations on our web site. If the investigation of your location is featured on our site, privacy will be maintained to the level you have requested. We use fictitious addresses and names to mask an owner's identity. We also edit photographs to prevent revealing information from being displayed without permission.

All correspondences with Tennessee Ghost Hunters will be treated as confidential, unless we are given permission to display the contained information. Examples of what we may display, with your permission, include letters stating paranormal circumstances, submitted stories, photographs, etc. We never sell, trade or display your e-mail address.

Who will be attending the investigation?

A group of two to six experienced paranormal investigators will attend. Generally, inexperienced members are not allowed to attend private, residential investigations. We keep our investigations closed to protect your privacy and property.

What will happen during the investigation?

We observe each of the rooms in the structure and, if necessary, the land the structure is located on. We start the investigation by taking base readings with electronic equipment such as EMF-Meters, Tri-Field Natural Meters and Ambient Air Thermometers. From our interview with you, we try to pinpoint areas where paranormal activity seems to be most active.

We then will establish a "headquarters" location for us to work from. In this location, we may set up video monitors, laptop computers, wireless audio and other equipment at this location. From there, we will move to the active areas and set up infrared cameras, voice recorders, motion detectors, etc. We photograph with both digital cameras and film-based cameras.

If any paranormal activity is captured, copies of the evidence are made for the owner/occupant.

Can you rid a location of ghosts?

Our group councils you on the types of hauntings that you may be experiencing and documents activity by different methods, so a home owner can present the evidence to the appropriate clergy / spiritualists  etc.  if an existing entity needs to be forcefully removed from a home. Please note that this is an extremely rare situation.

When our group comes in we also council you on how to be the authority in your home and take back your power.  You can see more of what we do by visiting our Investigation Process page.

We also now have a member that is a certified Reiki Master and can do an energy cleansing of your house to remove negative energy and fill it with positive energy.  Note: this is not a guarantee to remove entities.  We will also instruct you on how to maintain this cleansing if you desire. You can request this service by filling out the Reiki Energy Cleansing Request form.

In what regions do you conduct investigations?

We are located in the metro-nashville area and try to limit our investigations to no more than 50 miles under normal circumstances. If the case warrants it, we may travel further or put you in touch with a reputable paranormal team closer to your location.

What are ghosts?

The only true answer to this question is, "No one really knows." Therefore, everybody's ideas, opinions, theories are worth consideration. What we call "ghosts" may be, in reality, several different phenomena. It has been speculated that a ghost may be an "earthbound soul" or "spirit" of a deceased individual, a "recording of time" or an "entity" from a parallel world. As far as we know, ghosts may be any or all of these. As more and more investigators continue to document their research on ghosts, and as we share our stories and experiences, step-by-step we come closer to discovering the truth behind the question, "What is a ghost?"