Living with the Paranormal

Here is a list of suggestions we have compiled to help cope with living in an active paranormal environment. This list is comprised of do's and don'ts to keep in mind. Keep in mind each and every situation is different, so not all suggestions may be applicable to your specific situation.
  • Do not use any type of Ouija board, tarot cards, automatic writing, séances, or divination to communicate with any entities or spirit presences. You have no way of knowing what you are communicating with. This opens up doorways, that once open, can be difficult to close.

  • Try as much as possible to control your level of fear. Certain entities feed off fear and this could intensify the level of activity in your home. Also, if you have children, they will pick up on your fear and now you not only have paranormal activity to contend with, you also have the worry of your child to deal with.

  • Try to maintain a normal, healthy lifestyle. Get out of the home as much as possible and surround yourself with other "living" people. You will find this rejuvenates or recharges you and will help keep you grounded.

  • Do not go overboard trying to capture evidence (photos or audio). In an intelligent haunting, acknowledgement can encourage the entity to escalate their mischief.

  • If you are involved in any type of rituals or occult practices, we suggest you should stop - at least until you can have a professional paranormal investigative organization work with you. Your involvement with these practices can sometimes be the cause of phenomena or make them worse.

  • If you have a church, we recommend you become more active in your faith and concentrate on building your spiritual relationship with God. You will find great comfort in His/Her hands.

  • Listen to your children. Sometimes, noticed especially in smaller children, can see and sense things we, as adults, cannot. Their imaginary friends may not be so imaginary.

  • Pay close attention to your dreams, they sometimes can be indicators of paranormal phenomena. Keep a journal of your dreams - they may be telling you something.

  • Be observant of your animals. They are particularly sensitive to spirits and, more than likely, will let you know when paranormal activity is or is about to occur.

  • If you have addictions to alcohol or drugs, seek professional help because this weakens your ability to fend off malicious spirits. Until you rid your life of these problems, it will be very difficult to rid yourself of the entities who plague you.

  • Do not actively seek ghosts, photographs of ghosts, EVP's on the internet. This could possibly serve to escalate the problems you are facing. To many people, ghosts are interesting, even if they are having problems. They watch as many horror films as they can find, read books on the subject, visit horror sites on the internet, and generally surround themselves with negativity which some entities thrive on.

If you are having paranormal problems of an extreme nature (such as violent attacks, terrifying phenomena, sexual attacks, phenomena associated with involvement in occult practices and rituals, Satanism, black magic, etc.) be advices that you and your family will probably have to make some radical changes in your life to achieve lifelong freedom from this and, more than likely, it will take some time. Unlike what you see on television and read in novels, there is not an instantaneous cure for this problem. The major key with tackling a paranormal problem of this severity is for those involved to take responsibility and work with clergy and investigators as a team, but most important is to do what is recommended by those with knowledge and experience.

There may be issues in your life which contribute to or even be the cause of the problems you are experiencing. There may be personal or emotional issues in your life you would rather not confront. You may have to do things that you would rather not do or things that make you feel "uncomfortable," but it may be necessary to bring an ultimate end to the issues you are facing.