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The Thomas House Investigation

The Thomas House is a mysterious hideaway high atop a gently rolling hill on the outskirts of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Originally, it was known as The Cloyd Hotel. The original wooden structure was built by the Cloyd family around 1890. After a devastating fire in 1920, the hotel was rebuilt. The new structure was larger and more elaborate than the original - being constructed of brick this time. The brick used was manufactured there on the Cloyd's property.

The Thomas House has several ghosts roaming its hallways and rooms. The Tennessee Ghost Hunters have a continuing investigation at the hotel in hopes of being able to validate the many reports of apparitions. We have yet to produce any video or photographic evidence, but our EVP's speak for themselves.

One particular spirit who has drawn our interest is the report of a little girl named Sarah Cloyd. We believe we have captured Sarah's voice answering our qeustion when she was asked if she wanted to come down and speak to us. She emphatically replied, "No!"

The owners of the hotel offer the best southern hospitality. After a weekend of investigating, you we still leave refreshed and recharged. They have become like family to us. The are quite open about their ghosts and encourage anyone who experiences anything while visiting to let them know. They enjoy telling interested guests a few of their own stories, but ownly when prodded as to not influence their guests to manufacture their own stories.

- NOTE: Be patient, takes a bit to load.

We are not going to discuss stories we have heard from the owners, only those which we have witnessed and evidence we have gathered.

After researching the history of the property, we verified one death on the premises. A gentleman who was a merchant died of heart complications. The hotel has been added to the National Register of Historic places as of 1986. The property has also been called Mossy Creek.

As this is an active and ongoing investigation, further history will be reported when we uncover it.